Beside its own production unit KLH presently owns a number of showrooms in Kolkata, the mother landmark showroom at Dalhousie, and another at Salt Lake City Centre, the most premium shopping mall in Kolkata and the rest are spread all over West Bengal. It has its own storage facility and large manufacturing area. Presently the activity of KLH is separated into three major divisions in order to facilitate disciplined running of the organization. They are:-

>> Corporate Division - The corporate Division is widely engaged in supplying of leather goods and accessories and products like nylon bags t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, raincoats and various gift items to the Retail and Wholesale markets as well as involved in sales promotion of major Corporate and the Government sectors.

>> Retail Division – This Division is primarily focused in retailing through company owned showrooms and through various franchise showrooms and also through the wide network of dealers and distributors throughout India.

>> Manufacturing Unit – This Division is engaged in manufacturing of leather products and accessories and novelties as per client’s requirements. The company has a separate design unit to fashion out exclusive designs in order to vie with modern drift.

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